Residential Manager


Residential Manager role will report to Operations Manager. Once fully staffed, the residential manager
will need at least half of their shifts to be direct support shifts. Also, the residential manager will
partake in the on-call rotating schedule from Friday after 5p through Monday at 8a.

Duties include:

  • Issue medication to Group Homes/ Verify Medication with Medication Administration Record
  • Inspect Residential sights for adequate food, cleanliness, maintenance concerns, yard, maintain
  • a check list of supply inventory at the residential and day sight, fill vehicles with gas.
  • Create Food Menu and Order Food
  • Check Residential Data, T-logs, and MAR for the last 7 days to ensure they are complete.
  • Notify and/or retrain staff members on completing behavior data, MAR data, and T-logs as needed.
  • Complete Residential program reports
  • Scheduling on "When I work App"/ Ensuring that shifts are covered
  • Program writing
  • Ensure appointments for individuals are schedule as needed
  • Ensure tornado/ fire drill are conducted each month
  • Attend ISP meetings
  • Conduct staff meeting
  • Audit petty cash ledgers